Last 30 days. Ground level. Pressure corrected.*
Ground level pressure corrected txt data   

* Preliminary results. The results are not normalised. There are occurance of artificial shift in counts when there are change in runs. This change comes from eventual change in detectors gain.

ground_level   ground_level_press_corr.   underground   underground_press_corr   atmospheric_pressure   
A.Dragic, V.Udovicic, R.Banjanac, D.Jokovic, D.Maletic, N.Veselinovic, M.Savic, J.Puzovic, I.Anicin
The new set-up in the Belgrade low-level and cosmic-ray laboratory
Nucl. Technol. Radiat. 26 (2011) 181-192.
[doi:10.2298/NTRP1103181D, arXiv:1203.4607v1]

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